garlic TOAST!

-a spur of the moment thought-

Something has been on my mind lately. Garlic Bread.

It seems to me that garlic bread is gaining more and more popularity lately and has even entered the memeverse.


courtesy of Know Your Meme

For those of you who don’t know what garlic bread is, it is most commonly made of a large loaf of French Bread which is taken, sliced down the middle and then spread with butter and a garlic mixture with chives and olive oil occasionally. It is seriously delicious, especially if eaten along with a pasta with meat sauce that is tomato based. Few things are better than dipping your garlic bread into a tasty marinara-style sauce.

But what bothers me now is that garlic bread is eaten toasted 90% of the time. But do we call it ‘garlic toast’? No. Why? When we toast bread, we call it toast, so why don’t we call toasted garlic bread garlic toast?

The world may never know…

-Loren Riddle



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