Your Man Smelling of Old Spice and Not “a Lady”


Old Spice! Everyone knows this commercial depicting an unconventionally good looking man in some really unconventional places and situations all for the sake of Old Spice body wash.

The above video is a perfect advertisement which uses the hasty generalization logical fallacy. The video portrays Old Spice as the epitome of man smell. It says that “anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady”. What it doesn’t take into consideration is that this man smell is very much subjective. To one person a smell may be very manly while to another it is not. I have heard personally from some women that Old Spice scents are actually not at all attractive, so the sweeping claim that Old Spice is the ultimate man smell is indeed based on insufficient information.

It could almost be inferred that the message is that you, as a man, regardlessly smell like a lady if you don’t use Old Spice. This too is a sweeping claim that is, as mentioned previously, subjective.

It begins with Isaiah Amir Mustafa, former NFL practice squad wide receiver saying to look at him, then “at your man” and then back to him. This rhetoric can implicitly mean that he looks the way he does because of this body wash. His line of speech definitely suggests that he is found quite attractive, especially considering his manner of dress throughout the video.

Another object used is the stereotype that if a man were to use this body wash that he would suddenly become a hero. Mustafa is suddenly taken to a boat with theater tickets, then on the back of a horse with diamonds. This suggests that if a man were to use this body wash that he would become suddenly talented and desirable and that he will fulfill all of the many desires that women may have. This also can employ the Faulty Casualty Logical Fallacy. He used Old Spice body wash, therefore he is really good looking and has a horse, a boat, and diamonds. Honestly, I used Old Spice and I could tell you that I have neither a horse, boat, or diamonds.

-Loren Riddle

WR 122-18



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