Mjolnir… or Something Like That

In 1936, a couple, Mr and Mrs Max Hahn was in London on a stroll near the shores of the Red River. On their stroll, they found something interesting. It was an odd looking rock with a wooden rod sticking out of the side of it. They then took it home with them and it stayed in their home unmolested for nearly ten years.

It was unmolested and unmoved, that is until their son George got a hold of the rock with the wood. Boys will be boys, he ended up grabbing the thing and crushing the rock. This broke clean open and revealed just what was inside. A metal hammer.


courtesy of paleo.cc

The metal was composed of mostly iron and of chlorine and sulfur. The kicker though, is that according to some tests performed, (because the tests on the hammer itself have been inconclusive), the rock appears to be 400 million years old!

You may wonder: Why does this matter? Well, until recently, we were all under the impression that humans first starting using tools during the stone age which was a meager 2.6 million years ago. And to add onto that, all they used were stone tools. This hammer was 90 percent iron.

When he heard about this hammer, creationist Carl E. Baugh, had to get ahold of it. According to his findings, the hammer is between 700- a few thousand years old. But his findings came out under inconclusive status. The hammer has been tested and retested again and again over the past eighty-one years and it seems that everyone who tested it came up with different results ranging from 500 million to just 700 years ago.

Let us just focus on the generally accepted 400 million years. That there suggests that humans have been around for hundreds of millions of years versus the 5 million that has been hitherto accepted.

So, what’s the truth? Have we been around for mere millions of years or hundreds of millions? 400 million BC was the time when amphibians first crawled from the ocean to dry land. They were the first beasts to walk the earth. Or were they?

How could this be? Is it something wild like one of our descendants constructing a time machine and traveling back to that time in order to mess with history as we know it? Was it something just as fantastic yet more believable like an alien society, or even the Norse Gods briefly living on earth and creating such tools in order to live more naturally on the planet?


courtesy of thescienceexplorer.com

No, it is in reality a lack of conclusive evidence of the true age of this hammer. It’s a fluke, it’s an “anomalous artifact“. John Cole in the article connected to the previous hyperlink said that the hammer itself is just a few hundred years old even though the material around it is super old. How? The material was sedimentary and gradually formed around the hammer encasing the “19th century miner’s hammer” within an ancient rocky grave.

It’s an enigma. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about this, so I will stick with the History Channel’s idea of aliens being behind it.

Featured image courtesy of youtube.com

-Loren Riddle

WR 122-18


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