UFO: “Unidentified Flying…Organism?”

Bedtime stories. All of our ideas about beasts and monsters came out of our childhood bedtime stories designed to scare us into obedience. Most of these stories have turned out to be just that, stories. Some of them however, are still in question for some of our populace.

If you have grown up in the Northwest, like I have, you have heard rumors and stories about the elusive Bigfoot. He is described as resembling a human-ape hybrid, covered with hair, at least five hundred pounds and at least seven or eight feet tall. Many testify of his truthfulness and many claim to have irrefutable proof of his existence, but he remains to this day, as the old biblical saying goes “a hiss and a byword”.

He is one of many creatures within a very different area of science. That of cryptozoology. This is defined as “the study of evidence tending to substantiate the existence of, or the search for, creatures whose reported existence is unproved,”. This is a sensitive place, considering that many of these so-called ‘cryptids’ have been at the cryptid status for decades and centuries.

In company with Bigfoot, you would find dragons, mermaids, yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, and Mexico’s own Chupacabra. All of these are amongst the most famous of cryptids. I wish to focus though, on something just a bit more out of reach for most. The atmospheric beast.

Now, there have been many sightings of UFO’s in the night sky. What if, though that these people actually saw something? What if what they saw wasn’t alien, but was a creature that has lived with us for years and years without us ever really knowing that it was there?


courtesy of Brent Swancer http://uforeview.tripod.com/conspiracyjournal785.html

Atmospheric beasts are described as resembling whales, jellyfish, and other ‘sea’ creatures, only they live in the sky. These beasts apparently defy many of the scientific laws that we understand. They can apparently float up in the sky, being always filled by a gas of which is much much lighter than air. These also have the ability to go almost invisible as to stay out of human sight and when they are visible, they apparently have skin which is the consistancy of metal.

The question that comes up with all of this new information is: If there are such massive, intelligent creatures living above us, isn’t there a need to panic? The answer is simple: no. These creatures are reportedly not intelligent creatures. They are very simple organisms that even Carl Sagan had pondered about during his Cosmos project.

Sagan said how lighter-than-air, balloon-like creatures (like the jellyfish I mentioned) could be the life that is found in the atmospheres of gaseous planets because of the impossibility of any other kind of life. He said how any other organism would eventually be pulled into the planet and die because of the hot temperatures.

So, if such a creature may exist on Jupiter or Saturn, it only makes sense that the possibility is there for our atmosphere as well.

We live in a world where scientists are discovering new life everyday which also continuously changes the overall understanding of science and biology. As they continue in their quest for the all-truth, we glean the knowledge little by little that things aren’t exactly as they seem and that we are obviously not alone in this universe.

Featured Image courtesy of wallpapercave.com

Loren Riddle WR 121-19



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