Creepy Clowns Causing Chaos for Cind Clowns

When I was about 9 years old, I went to my younger brother Devon’s preschool graduation. It was an adorable little event where he and his classmates sang little songs, they presented some work they did over the past year, and we all heard some words from their teacher. The highpoint to this whole thing however, was the appearance of a clown by the name of BJ. He was hilarious. He had big shoes, high socks, a big red nose, and a lot of colorful hair. He did magic tricks, told some jokes and made balloon animals for everyone. My cat was fantastic!

Now, that was my first experience with clowns. It was a sweet, funny little memory that fills me with nothing but joy.

Why am I telling you this? It’s simple really. Clown lives matter.

This phrase was first coined this last week in the wake of the “Black Lives Matter”, “All Lives Matter”, and “Blue Lives Matter” movements.

Since a couple in Wasco California had photographed themselves dressed as clowns in various places near Bakersfield in 2014, the internet has taken them by storm. Now in 2016, people are saying that clowns have been seen in more places from Portland to New York and have been reportedly terrorizing the public wielding weaponry. How are people to respond? Either in absolute fear or in anger.

All over the internet I, and others have seen many threats against clowns. Sure, there is something of a foundation for these threats, a genuine sense of insecurity, but not only does this put these horror clowns in the crosshairs, but friends of ours like BJ as well.

The Douglas Wyoming Police Department issued a statement which said in part:

“If you do happen to see a clown, please remember that inside that clown costume is a living, breathing human being. There is NOTHING illegal about simply dressing up as a clown, so if you take some sort of action against them, it may very well be a crime against that person. 1

This whole thing has gotten notably out of control which is why a group of clown performers in Arizona have coined the phrase “Clown Lives Matter”. On October 15, it is anticipated that 100 clowns will gather in Tuscon Arizona to protest against the declared violence against clowns and also against the horror clowns which have been terrorizing the nation.

They do this in hopes that they may start a movement of peace to help quell any hysteria that may begin to come to pass against all clowns because of the actions of the few.

A flyer written by the aforementioned group about the event read, in part;

“We want the public to feel safe, and not be afraid. So come out, bring the family, meet a clown and get a hug!”

The performing clown community is just about as scared as we are, if not more so of these things. Because as this increases, their safety is jeopardized as well. I was speaking to my friend Tyson Long earlier and he told me point blank that “If I see one of those clowns, I’ll shoot him.” Things are clearly out of control and our friendly performing clowns’ good name and livelihood is getting ruined by the cult following of the couple in Wasco.


Loren Riddle

Featured Image Courtesy of and Alex Raths


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